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“I Do” to Wallpaper

Home trends are ever changing, and home choices should reflect that.  When choosing finishes and decor for a house, it’s wise to consider the future.  Will this pea green tile still appeal to me in five years? Maybe.  Will this laminate flooring hold up well to Golden Retriever paws?  Sure will.   Is my son still going to want forest animals on his walls when he’s in high school?  Probably not.

Luckily for my son, wallpaper is no longer one of those forever choices.  In the past, the only way to remove those adorable forest critters was a steamer, scraper, and some serious patience.  Today there are some great temporary and semi-permanent options in the world of wallpaper. Whether you’re a home owner, renting, or just have a hard time committing, consider jumping on board with this trend.

If you are looking for something that will endure the long haul, choose a quality permanent product.  If you’re unsure what will work in your space, order a few swatches first.  It’s helpful to see how the wallpaper will go with your current style and pieces.  Do not rush, take your time, and don’t hesitate to hire a professional.

An entire space can be transformed by simply adding patterns, texture, or images to a single wall.  A subtle texture may be a great option for an entry way, a nice pattern with some movement can create a calming mood in a master suite, and murals are wonderful to bring life into play spaces.  Whether you’ve got the budget for a full remodel or are simply looking for a weekend project to spruce up your space, there is a product for your walls.