Save and Be Safe: Radon Mitigation in Your Home

stay safe from radon

Safeguard against radon gas dangers with a radon mitigation system. Gateway Homes includes one in each home we build. Our clients’ safety is our job!

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Cheyenne Landscaping: Outdoor Oasis Guide

Cheyenne landscaping has some tricky aspects, but with our detailed advice you will be on your way to creating the perfect outdoor oasis at your newly built home.

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The Why Behind Home Price Increases

Home prices increasing

Normally we feel as proud as Oprah when we show potential clients our pricing list (“you get an iPad, you get an iPad, and you get an iPad!”). We have been thrilled to keep Gateway’s prices affordable while meeting our high standards for quality workmanship. Gateway runs as lean as possible without cutting our build […]

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Cheyenne’s Friendly Neighborhood Builder

Technology has given us a global economy and the ability to talk to someone in Switzerland with the click of a button. But in the process of becoming global citizens, have folks forgotten how to be neighborly? In a survey of adults under 50 years old, roughly 20% say they don’t know any of their […]

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