Roger Sewell

Senior Superintendent

(307) 630-8382

Roger is a native of Rockland, Calif., and a second-generation residential home builder. He followed his dad around on job sites from the time he could walk up until graduation from high school, and later went to work for other construction companies prior to joining the United States Marine Corps. Roger served during operations in Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Somalia, returning as a combat-wounded veteran. He rejoined the construction industry after his military service, working his way up to senior superintendent.

After growing tired of California, Roger relocated to Cheyenne in 2021 to work for Gateway. His day-to-day responsibilities include using more than 30 years of experience to manage site production and ensure schedule adherence. Not surprisingly, his superpower is effective communication skills. Roger has developed deep respect for his boss, Jason Stephen, and appreciates the opportunity to work for an owner who stands by his word, demonstrates integrity and leads by example.

Roger enjoys hunting and fishing with his fiancé. His favorite food is elk steak and his favorite movie is “The Rock” with Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage.

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