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Tips for Designing a Bonus Space You Love

As a local builder that has been constructing single-family homes for more than two decades, we understand that extra space in a home can be a game-changer. Whether you call it a bonus room, a flex room, a spare room or something else, in a home designed for comfort and flexibility, a multi-purpose room adds the option to use the square footage as you please. Nearly all Gateway homes can include bonus space by finishing a basement or choosing a floor plan with a second story. Planning a large family get-together? Your bonus room will be the perfect spot for a bar or game room. Need a quiet place to read or work? The area can transform into an office or library. Depending on your phase of life and what your family needs, your bonus space can become whatever you imagine!

Not quite sure how to put your bonus space to use to enhance your overall lifestyle? Here are a few design ideas to inspire you.

Ways to Use Your Bonus Room

Home Office

If you work from home or frequently catch up on work at home, your bonus space could easily be transformed into an office. Just add a desk, colorful area rug and a plant or two to create a comfortable working environment.

Lounge Space

If you already have a formal living room but don’t want the kids spilling drinks on your nice furniture, try incorporating a casual area for relaxation into your home. It can be a low-key hangout for family and, with the addition of a wet bar, it becomes your very own lounge.

Craft/Hobby Room

Do you love to DIY? Need a quiet spot to cozy up with your favorite book? A hobby room will give you the space to indulge in your favorite pastime, whether reading, drawing, scrapbooking or something else. Good organization is key in this space, so think about whether you need bins, baskets, bookshelves or another system to keep everything in its place.

Game Room/Playroom

Kids love having their own dedicated space for doing homework, playing with friends and gaming. A playroom is also an ideal place to store toys and games while keeping clutter out of bedrooms and your main living area.

kids playroom

How to Design a Bonus Space

If you have an extra room in your home, there are tons of ways to make the most of it, from the common (using it as a guest room) to the ultra-creative (turning it into a wine cellar). Bonus rooms are typically smaller than a normal bedroom so it can be difficult to envision how to use such a small space. Keep both form and function in mind to design a comfortable and useful bonus room.

  • Keep furniture minimal. It can be easy to overwhelm a bonus room with large furniture — especially one on an upper level that might have awkward features like sloped ceilings and angular dormers — so keep scale in mind. Place furniture against the walls to maximize open space and make the room appear bigger. Vertical storage such as bookshelves and cabinets can also help to keep your space orderly and open.
  • Hide the bed. If you are using your space for occasional guest sleeping quarters, hiding the bed will give you extra floor space when the room is not occupied. Practical solutions include a sofa sleeper, a futon or a Murphy bed.
  • Don’t forget the lighting. Ask your local builder to include skylights or windows to ensure daytime illumination via natural light. At night, wall-mounted fixtures installed in a bonus room work well since they don’t take up space on floors or tables.
  • Maximize light with mirrors. Bonus spaces sometimes feel dim because of their smaller size. Hanging a single large mirror on one wall is the best way to brighten up a dark room. Another technique is to hang smaller accent mirrors around the space.

In Need of a Local Builder?

Gateway Construction, LLC is proud to be an experienced local builder with in-house designers who can personalize any floor plan to suit your lifestyle. Make the most of your Gateway home with a bonus space that’s perfect for your family! For more information about our homes and communities in and around Cheyenne, call our team at (307) 632-8950 or contact us online to speak to a member of our sales team.

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