Our Process

You’ve spent years dreaming about your perfect home. Now, we get to work together to make it a reality!

Throughout your build, you’ll have regular check-ins with both your project manager and interior designer. They’ll update you on the latest progress, ensure you have all your questions answered and help you choose the perfect finishing touches that truly make your home yours.

Here’s what else you can expect as we bring your custom Gateway home to life!

Getting Started

  • Select the community that fits the needs of you and your family, or secure a build site/area with help from a realtor.
  • Based on your lifestyle and chosen build site/area, a sales associate or client sales manager will help you select your floor plan.
  • Work with your lender to secure an approval and loan commitment.
  • Meet with your project manager to determine any floor plan modifications (e.g., additional bedrooms or bathrooms, extended garage space, etc.) and ensure your new home meets your needs.
  • Review and approve the total price of the build and any modifications (if applicable). Upon approval, we’ll draft your final set of home plans.
  • Meet with your interior designer to facilitate the selections for your interior and exterior home finishes.

Framing & Outlining

  • We’ll apply for a permit in the city or county where your home will be built. Once we receive the permit, we’ll break ground on your new home!
  • The foundation stage begins and you’ll get to see the layout of your home on your lot.
  • The framing stage begins, during which time you’ll get to see your walls constructed, the roof decking added and all exterior windows and doors installed.
  • Plumbing installation for bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen and exterior hose bibs happens next, followed by installation of your showers and tubs, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems.
  • To complete this phase, we’ll meet with you to select the locations of your home’s new phone and cable outlets. We’ll also walk you around the construction progress before insulation and drywall installation begin.

Interior Design

  • After your home is wired for electricity, the City will inspect all of your home’s rough systems and components.
  • Insulation is installed and a third-party energy inspector will perform an energy inspection.
  • Drywall is hung next and finished with texture; now, the interior selections you’ve made will begin to take shape!
  • Outside, we’ll complete your home’s exterior with the stone, siding or other material you selected.
  • Inside, we’ll get to work on your interior doors, cabinets, baseboard and trim, plus start the initial painting process and install any tile or hardwood.
  • To complete this stage, we’ll install all your mechanical and electrical systems, as well as finish installation of plumbing, lighting, countertops, mirrors, shower doors, appliances and carpet.
  • All the elements that make your home yours are nearly complete!

Finishing Up

  • This phase kicks off with finishing touches, including paint touch-ups, professional cleaning inside and out, and landscaping (weather permitting).
  • After the building inspector and third-party energy inspector perform final inspections to ensure codes have been met, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.
  • Your superintendent and project manager will do a complete inspection of your home, ensuring everything is functioning correctly and your home is in perfect move-in condition.
  • Any items needing attention will be corrected.

Home Orientation, Closing & Warranty

  • Not long before your move-in date, your project manager will set up a time for your home orientation. Usually about two hours long, this orientation is when you’ll really “get to know” your home.
  • During orientation, you and your project manager will do a complete home walk-through to address any concerns, review all your home’s systems, discuss critical maintenance items and tips, and go over what’s covered in your home warranty. You’ll have ample opportunity to ask as many questions as you need, as well as address any “touch-up” or completion concerns.
  • After your orientation, our team will conduct our own final walk-through to make sure everything matches Gateway Construction’s high standards for quality and workmanship.
  • At your closing and settlement, you’ll receive complete copies of all your documents and the keys to your new home.
  • After you move in, our client services/sales manager will be in touch to ensure you’re settling in well, as well as address any questions/concerns you have about your home or your warranty.

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