What Is a Mortgage Rate Buydown?

signing mortgage paperwork

Higher mortgage rates impact affordability by increasing buyers’ monthly payments. Spiking rates are particularly frustrating for buyers ready to purchase their first home and those who want to move up to larger, custom-built homes. With a 30-year mortgage, a change of even one percentage point can cost thousands of dollars — or save thousands, depending […]

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6 Homebuying Strategies to Combat Higher Mortgage Rates

financing to buy a new home

Inflation is a hot news topic right now, and if you’re looking to buy a new home in Cheyenne or a nearby area — or if you’re already in the homebuying process — you are likely keeping a close eye on mortgage rates. To combat inflation, the Federal Reserve is rapidly raising interest rates. The […]

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The ABCs of Financing & Building Your Dream Home

You’ve chosen to build a new home. But what does it take to finance a home build? And how can you prepare? It’s okay to feel uncertain or overwhelmed. Some buyers pay cash, but the majority of our clients choose to finance their new home. At Gateway, we’re old hats at working in partnership with […]

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