Top Residential Construction Trends for 2023

residential construction trends

The pandemic caused more people to realize the importance of being comfortable at home, resulting in an increase in the personalization of residential spaces. In addition, homebuyers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and seeking out sustainable materials that reduce environmental impact and save energy. If you are remodeling or building your own home in the coming […]

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What Is a Mortgage Rate Buydown?

signing mortgage paperwork

Higher mortgage rates impact affordability by increasing buyers’ monthly payments. Spiking rates are particularly frustrating for buyers ready to purchase their first home and those who want to move up to larger, custom-built homes. With a 30-year mortgage, a change of even one percentage point can cost thousands of dollars — or save thousands, depending […]

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The ‘Why’ Behind Home Price Increases

Home prices increasing

Normally we feel as proud as Oprah when we show potential clients our pricing list (“you get an iPad, you get an iPad, and you get an iPad!”). We have been thrilled to keep Gateway’s prices affordable while meeting our high standards for quality workmanship. Gateway runs as lean as possible without cutting our build […]

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