Top Residential Construction Trends for 2023

The pandemic caused more people to realize the importance of being comfortable at home, resulting in an increase in the personalization of residential spaces. In addition, homebuyers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and seeking out sustainable materials that reduce environmental impact and save energy. If you are remodeling or building your own home in the coming year, here are some residential design trends and new ideas that we think will be popular in 2023.

Key Trends in Custom Homebuilding


Over the past decade, homebuyers have become increasingly interested in sustainable homes. Brick, natural stone, wood and recycled materials are ever more popular in interior design, and smart thermostats that automatically help save energy by adjusting the temperature while homeowners are at work and during sleeping hours are becoming a standard feature. Currently, Gateway installs Nest Learning Thermostats, high-efficiency water heaters and ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances in all single-family homes we build, and we expect to see a consistent rising trend in the use of sustainable building materials and practices in years to come.

nest learning thermostat

Multipurpose Rooms

COVID-19 made us realize that homes need to be more than just living spaces. Many people now work, exercise and relax at home, giving rise to a need for multipurpose rooms that can be used for both work and leisure. A home office used for work during the week can double as a den, man cave or home learning area during off-hours. Some homeowners are using the dining area for more than one purpose by adding custom built-ins, a desk for virtual meetings or a quiet homework station. Pocket doors or a barn door can add even more flexibility by allowing a room to be open or closed off for separation.

Affordable Design

Rising interest rates are impacting how much home buyers can afford, which means builders must respond by crafting smaller homes that still allow people to live well. Gateway is currently constructing twin and cottage homes with less square footage and reasonably priced packages of cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances that keep costs down without sacrificing the quality construction our company is known for.

Black Accents

Black accents are hot this season and can be found on everything from windows and doors to furniture. Because of its bold nature, black can be used as a small-scale accent or as a large focal point in a room. Similarly, matte black appliances are trending as a replacement for stainless steel appliances and add a lot of impact when paired with light-colored cabinetry. The dark-colored surface also hides fingerprints and dirt far better than shiny stainless steel.

Exterior House Trends

Here are some trends that our designers plan to use on exteriors in the year to come:

  • Sustainable materials. Related to the sustainability trend discussed above, today’s homebuyers want a home constructed with materials that will perform well for years to come with minimal upkeep. For these reasons, our home exteriors feature OSB composite wood siding and trim, cultured stone veneer and 30-year laminated roofing shingles.
  • Mixed textures. Using multiple textures on a home, such as stone, wood and siding, is an easy way to create visual interest and depth. Mixed textures are a signature feature of all Gateway home exteriors. Our designers frequently use texture to highlight an architectural feature, such as gables or a bump-out.
  • Windows that highlight a view. The right windows can make your home feel like it’s connected to the outdoors. With windows that have minimal or no grids, you can take full advantage of Wyoming’s expansive views while enjoying a bright, airy interior. Some of our clients are opting for more unique window styles in place of traditional double-hung windows, and we are happy to incorporate these selections in their homes.
  • Earthy paint colors. Our designers love earth tones on exteriors and expect to use them often in the coming year. Paint companies Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams feature rich, earthy tones in their paint color picks for 2023. Darker colors are attention-grabbing and pair well with various wood accents.

Building Your Own Home With Gateway Construction

There are so many ways that your home can integrate current trends while reflecting your personality and style. If you are ready to explore your options for a custom home, Gateway Construction, LLC can make building your own home a memorable experience — for all the right reasons! We have been serving southeast Wyoming and northern Colorado for more than two decades. Whether you are looking for a single-family home in Cheyenne or a multi-family building in Laramie, we can bring your vision to life. To discuss constructing a custom home, call our team at (307) 632-8950 or contact us online. You can also visit us at one of our model homes, open daily for your convenience. Let’s start building your future today!

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