A Guide to Designing a Future-Ready Home

Are you looking to purchase your forever home? The key is “future-proofing” to include design features that ensure your home will remain functional and accessible for decades. Gateway Construction, LLC specializes in creating affordable, customized homes for clients with a wide range of goals, and those looking to age in place have found our services to be a huge benefit. Learn more about some of the strategies our quality home builders can implement to make a home future-ready!

Style for Today, Design for Tomorrow

When a family begins planning a custom home, style trends, location, school districts and community amenities are often top-of-mind. However, the overall functionality and accessibility of a home design are really what determine whether the home can provide long-term comfort for your family and allow for easy aging-in-place.

Of course, it can be impossible to predict what future needs you might have but with a few smart improvements to a floor plan, you can enjoy a truly forever home.

Single-Level Living

The biggest attraction of a single-story home is having access to everything you need on one floor. Whether it is bringing in groceries, doing laundry or moving furniture, having everything on one level just makes things easier. It’s also safer to navigate a home without stairs and more comfortable for those with achy joints or physical limitations, and children and pets too. Many Gateway floor plans feature open living concepts and separation between the master suite and secondary bedrooms.

If you do want a lower level for added storage and flexibility, nearly all Gateway homes have the option to finish the basement. You can keep most day-to-day activities on the main floor while enjoying maximum square footage.

Wide Hallways & Doorways

Ultimately, wheelchair accessibility is the goal behind wide hallways and doorways but a little extra elbow room in these areas is always nice, even if you never need to use a wheelchair. Universal design principles recommend that halls measure at least 36 inches wide to assure barrier-free passage of people using wheelchairs or crutches, and doorway openings measure at least 32 inches wide. Since hallways are often the least naturally lit areas of a home, good lighting can make all the difference. Consider this when picking the most effective design for your hallway.

Flexible Space

Planning rooms that offer flexible space has advantages. You can get more from your square footage and increase a home’s overall appeal. Spaces that transition easily, such as playrooms which can also be used as guest quarters or a living space where you can work and dine, are ideal for growing families since needs can evolve significantly over time. Multi-use rooms can adapt to those needs.

Bathroom Upgrades

The best time to plan for future needs is when you’re building from scratch. If you expect to age in place in your Gateway custom home, now is the time to add grab bars, built-in benches, comfort-height toilets, roll-in showers and other accessible features to your design. Unlike the clunky, hospital-like safety items of the past, today’s accessibility features can be very stylish and quality home builders can implement them in a way that does not detract from a home’s appeal.

Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

Hard-wearing, water-resistant and easy to keep clean, laminate flooring is undeniably functional and can be quite luxurious. The smooth surface makes it easy for users of a wheelchair or walker to maneuver, and the wide selection of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) available is truly impressive.

Forward-Thinking Tech

It’s challenging to predict just what kind of technology may come along in future decades, but quality home builders recommend planning for more wiring and more data. In your custom home design, allow ample space for electronics and data access in all rooms. Integrate smart home features, giving you and future buyers the option to change the function of rooms and add the latest technology for entertainment or assistance.

How Can Our Quality Home Builders Help?

Designing with the future in mind boils down to designing a home where you feel comfortable and secure, regardless of what the future may bring. Curious which Gateway floor plan might be a perfect fit for your needs? Our plans include some of our most-requested features but are easily modified to suit any family. To learn more about our offerings and speak with a realtor, give us a call at (307) 632-8950 or submit our online contact form. You can stay up on what’s happening at Gateway by following us on our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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