Fall Home Maintenance: 12 Things to Do Every Year

As a longtime builder of custom homes in Cheyenne, our homebuyers often ask us questions related to proper maintenance of their new Gateway Construction home. Seasonal maintenance, completed in spring and fall, is a great way to ensure that important upkeep is done on a yearly basis. Now’s the time to take care of several home repair projects before shorter days, snow and cold temperatures make outdoor maintenance difficult. Check these items off your list and sleep easy knowing that your yard and home are ready to face a Wyoming winter!

Exterior Maintenance

Air Conditioner

AC maintenance ensures your equipment will run smoothly when the weather heats up next summer. Start by cleaning debris and dirt off the condenser (outside unit). If there are branches, shrubs or weeds within four feet of the unit, trim them back. Have your system cleaned and winterized by a professional HVAC technician, then cover your unit to prevent winter weather from damaging it. As a bonus, a properly maintained AC system is more energy-efficient, costing you less to operate all summer long.

Sprinkler System

Once freezing weather is imminent, shut off the water, turn off the automatic timer and schedule a sprinkler system blow-out with a professional lawn care or landscaping company to prevent cracked and broken sprinkler lines and damage to other components. For custom homes in Cheyenne, this task is best done from late September through mid-October. Even a small amount of water left in a system over the winter can cause problems.


Before winter arrives, visually inspect your roof for shingles that are missing, broken or curling, and metal flashing that appears to be damaged. If you find any issues that need repair, contact a professional roofer for assistance. Trim back dead and low-hanging branches that could fall onto your roof during a storm, resulting in structural damage.


When gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and other debris, water can overflow gutters and lead to damaged landscaping, broken gutters, and even foundation cracks and settling. Remove all debris from the gutters and flush them to ensure the downspouts drain properly or call a professional for assistance.

Lawn & Garden

Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn, encouraging grass roots to grow deep into the soil and providing nutrients to nourish the grass over the winter. Add mulch around perennials and under trees and shrubs to protect root systems from freeze/thaw cycles and cut down on weed growth in the spring.

Garden Hose

Disconnect the hose, drain the entire length, coil it on a hose reel (to prevent kinks that can lead to tears), and store it in the garage to prevent freezing. In addition, don’t forget to winterize your outdoor faucets by shutting off the water, draining the faucet and installing an insulated outdoor cover.

Outdoor Furniture

Clean as directed by the manufacturer. Store furniture cushions indoors in an airtight container to prevent mildewing. For longer life, cover outdoor furniture when not in use or store it indoors to protect from winter weather.

Interior Maintenance


Contact an HVAC professional to schedule an appointment to have your heating system checked to make sure it’s ready to perform in colder weather. Tasks you can do on your own include wiping down air vents and registers and changing out the furnace filter.

Water Heater

It is recommended that you flush your water heater regularly, depending on the usage, to remove sediment build-up that may lead to heating problems and a shorter lifespan. Be sure to check your homeowner’s manual to find out what steps the manufacturer suggests.

Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fan should run clockwise at a low speed in the fall and winter. The resulting updraft pushes warm air down along the walls and back to the floor, so rooms feel warmer. Use soapy water and a clean cloth to clean the fan blades. Vacuum out the fan motor to remove dust build-up.


Look for cracks, holes and corrosion in the chimney exterior, and any signs of water around the chimney that could indicate a leak. Use a flashlight to check the flue for a build-up of soot and any other signs of disrepair.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This is also a great time to check the batteries in these crucial alarms and make sure they are working properly to protect you and your loved ones.

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