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Gateway Partners With New Window Manufacturer

In the harsh climate of Wyoming, all homes endure the challenges of extreme weather and widely fluctuating temperatures. At Gateway, we recognize that our final product has to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also tough and durable — and durable new construction homes require the use of quality building materials that can hold up to environmental factors, wear and tear and the passage of time.

Well-constructed windows rank among the most important selections to maintain both the beauty and efficiency of a new home. It’s why we’re excited to announce that we are now including Gerkin™ windows in all Gateway homes!

About Gerkin™ New Construction Windows

Based in South Sioux City, Neb., Gerkin Windows & Doors is a nationally recognized company that has been designing and manufacturing window and door products since 1932. From its modern manufacturing campus which includes a production plant and a glass plant, Gerkin uses cutting-edge machinery and timeless craftsmanship to construct some of the most energy-efficient windows and doors in the country. The company has been listed by Window and Door Magazine as a Top 100 manufacturer.

Innovative design and stringent product testing have allowed Gerkin products to evolve into the maintenance-free, high-performing windows and doors that are known on the market today.

Gerkin vinyl windows are designed to be used in both new construction and replacement projects. They are available with a variety of interior and exterior options and accessories to meet a client’s specific product needs. Here are some of the most notable features of Gerkin windows.

Gerkin manufacturing facility in South Sioux City, Neb.
The Gerkin Windows & Doors manufacturing facility is located in South Sioux City, Neb.

Exceptionally Low Air Infiltration

When it comes to energy performance, ENERGY STAR® ratings measure U-value and solar heat gain but virtually ignore the most important factor: air infiltration. For example, would you consider windows for your home with so much air infiltration that they allow a total exchange of air every two hours? That’s what you could be buying if you aren’t educated about air infiltration.

Air infiltration is that cold draft that’s felt coming through windows and is a major reason why people believe they need to replace their windows. Current ENERGY STAR testing for air infiltration is a simple pass-or-fail grade. The passing grade is .30 cubic feet per minute of air leakage per square foot. This means that a 6’x5’ window that meets the ENERGY STAR minimum air loss would leak so much that it would exchange all the air in a typical-size bedroom in about two hours. Investing in triple-glazed windows with better U-values doesn’t make sense if the windows still leak that much air!

Air infiltration results for Gerkin windows set the bar very high, outperforming ENERGY STAR standards by up to 1,500%! During a recent blower door test conducted by Nebraska Public Power, Gerkin casement windows tested so well that the equipment had trouble detecting air infiltration. There were only 0.17 air exchanges per hour versus the three exchanges per hour allowed by code. That is over 1,700% better than the minimum requirement! Smoke tests were also performed on Gerkin windows and testing showed no air movement around the windows.

The impressive blower door test results are another example of Gerkin windows’ exceptionality due to a relentless focus on overall window performance.

Structural Integrity

The outstanding overall performance of Gerkin windows starts with their structural makeup and design. While some window manufacturers focus on looks, Gerkin’s commercial window background led to a more essential focus on high-performance windows with structural integrity in the product.

With most residential windows, a 25 mph wind will create sash deflections and disconnections of weatherstripping, thus allowing for air infiltration and cold, uncomfortable drafts. Gerkin windows feature extruded aluminum inserted at multiple locations where deflection is possible. This creates a design similar to an aluminum window, yet with the warmth of vinyl. In addition, strategic placement of quality weatherstripping that stays connected during windy conditions further ensures the airtight and watertight nature of Gerkin windows.

Gerkin windows with extruded aluminum
Extruded aluminum inserted into the frames of Gerkin windows stops the deflection that can lead to air infiltration.

ENERGY STAR® Designation

Gerkin products are designed to be among the most energy-efficient and airtight windows available. Gerkin Comfort Series casement and awning windows (model 4300) and fixed windows (model 4700) have been recognized with the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation. To earn this achievement for the northern zone, windows must have U-values at or below .20 and a solar heat gain of .20 or greater.

In addition, Gerkin windows and doors are rated and certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Beautiful Style & Color Options

Gerkin windows are available in a variety of styles and colors, including with popular bronze and black exteriors that won’t fade or age with time. Many vinyl window companies use paint or PVC films that easily fade, chalk, crack and scratch. Gerkin uses an acrylic-based printed film called EXOFOL.

EXOFOL is best known for fade resistance. There is no fading that can be seen by the naked eye after 22,000 hours of intense UV testing on Gerkin’s dark bronze color. That is equivalent to over 20 years of exterior weathering! After this extensive weathering, the gray scale grade on Gerkin’s dark bronze is 4 (5 is the original color). This means a color change is barely visible. By comparison, painted finishes will fade to a gray scale of 3 in just four years. PVC-based foils show visible fading after just five years and demonstrate complete failure in color and stability after 10 years in natural weathering tests. EXOFOL shows no difference in color or stability over the same period.

Gerkin windows ready for shipment
Gerkin windows and doors are boxed and ready for shipment to homes and job sites around the United States.

Available Gerkin window styles include casements, awnings, sliders, bays and bows, double- and single-hungs, transoms and specialty shapes.

Customize Your Views With Gateway

If you are interested in learning more about Gerkin windows and how you can incorporate them into a new construction project, give the Gateway team a call at (307) 632-8950 or contact us online! We’re proud to be one of the largest, most respected home builders in southeast Wyoming and are eager to build your dream home.

Gerkin windows in new construction home
This home features Gerkin Comfort Series windows with the Midnight exterior color option that resists fading and weathering over time.

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