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Is a Spec Home Right for You?

When you purchase a new home from a home builder, you typically choose from two options: select every feature included in the plan by building custom or purchase a new spec home with all finishes pre-selected by the builder. While there are many advantages associated with building a custom home from scratch, many buyers cannot wait months for the construction process to be completed or don’t feel the need to be involved in all the details. Buying a spec home may be the better choice if you want a stylish, high-value investment without the wait.

Spec homes, also known as move-in ready homes, are constructed to showcase the most popular amenities that a home builder offers. Rather than imagine what a custom house will look like, with a spec home, homebuyers have the assurance that what they see is what they get! Here are some further advantages of a spec home.

Spec Home Advantages

  • Spec homes are affordable. One of the most attractive benefits of buying a spec home is the financial savings. Experienced home builders develop a library of floor plans that have proven to be popular with past customers and know how to build them efficiently, without sacrificing quality. By eliminating questionable design choices while avoiding unnecessary add-ons, homebuyers get peace of mind and potentially higher resale value in the future.
  • They are built with the same quality. Spec homes by Gateway are designed to accommodate current trends and needs of the Wyoming community, then built with the same attention to detail as our semi-custom and custom projects. For example, all our homes include many energy-efficient features to combat high utility bills, such as Nest Learning Thermostats, high-efficiency water heaters and ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances.
  • They are available immediately. When building a custom home, the builder will need several months of lead time before you can move in. A spec home eliminates the wait time because it is already complete or nearing completion. If you’re looking to move into a new home as soon as possible, buying a spec home is the way to go.
  • The process is less stressful. Purchasing a spec home is a great way to get a newly constructed home without the need to hand-pick every detail as you would when building a custom home. A builder may even add unique features that you have not thought of, such as a passive radon mitigation system.
  • There are no unforeseen costs. The risk associated with buying an existing home, especially an older home, is the potential for hidden problems beneath the floors and behind the walls. Water damage, aging mechanicals and unexpected issues can increase the cost of homeownership and detract from the home’s value. Purchasing a spec home ensures you get brand-new components and today’s most popular features.
  • Walk it before signing a contract. A spec home is ready to walk through at your convenience. You can check every drawer, test every appliance and get a feel for the space to be confident in your purchase. If you aren’t local or you prefer to view the home privately, take a virtual tour online.
  • You get a builder warranty. As with a new custom home, a new spec home is typically covered by a builder warranty. At Gateway, we include a one-year builder warranty that covers workmanship defects plus a 10-year structural warranty.

In Conclusion

With an affordable price tag, reduced risk and immediate availability, a spec home is the perfect option for many homebuyers searching for a new home. Gateway currently offers a limited selection of move-in ready homes. Explore these homes and Cheyenne communities, then call our team at (307) 632-8950 or contact us online to schedule a personal tour. Let’s find your dream home!


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