Moving? Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving can be stressful! Don’t be that last minute packer. Here are a few tips that may help make your moving process flow a little smother.

Create a Moving To Do List

When you are moving into a new home, you may think you have all the time in the world to pack. In advance, create a master to do list for the 500 different things you will have to do and remember while moving. Come moving day you will not be able to remember everything off the top of your head. If you create a to do list you will be able to get many of the tasks out of the way before moving day hits.

You have to get moving boxes from the nearest provider? Make a note!

You want to make sure your utilities are transferred the same day as moving? Make a note!

Get Rid of Unused and Unnecessary Items

The more stuff you get rid of that you do not use or need, the less stuff you will have to pack, transfer, and unpack. Don’t be afraid to get rid of items you no longer need. Don’t be considered a hoarder.

Find an item you no longer use but know of someone that can use it, give it to them. Have an old dress you no longer wear, donate it.

If you are having a garage sale before you move then set aside that old, but still good toaster to sell. This will help make a little money to buy a new one. The less you have to worry about, the better and easier your moving process will be.        

Prepare with Extra Packing and Moving Supplies

When it comes down to moving there is no such thing as “too many.” Be prepared with extra moving supplies such as boxes, rolls of packing tape, zip ties, etc. This allows for last minute packing of those items you completely spaced out were in an extra storage area or under the kitchen sink.

Schedule Disconnect or Transfer Times

On your moving day, you want to be sure you are moving into a house where everything is either set up or can be set up the same day. Call your electricity, gas, cable, and internet providers at least a week ahead of your moving date to figure out when everything must be shut off and can be transferred to your new address.

You want to make sure there is enough time in your hectic moving schedule to gather everything you may need such as remotes, cable boxes, and cable cords in case they are asked to be returned before moving.

Change Your Address a Week Before You Move

Change your address before your move so your credit card statements, bills and packages can all arrive on time at your new home. Many people forget to change their address causing them some concern regarding where their mail is going. Sometimes it can take up to 7 business days before your mail will be delivered to your new address.

Label All Your Moving Boxes

To make the unpacking process as easy as possible, be sure to label your moving boxes with the items that are inside. It is helpful to label which location in the house the box belongs to along with whether there are fragile items inside.

Use Small Boxes for Heavy Items

Don’t be that person who packs all the heavy items, in a large box, which now takes two people to carry. Yes, it sounds pretty obvious, but we all have known someone who has done this before. We cannot stress this advice enough. Help make the moving process easier for everyone.

Set Aside Cleaning Supplies

As boxes are being moved from the room to the moving truck, start cleaning the room. Clean as you go. Set aside cleaning supplies such as: vacuum, broom, mop, paper towels, rags, cleaning products and extra trash bags.

Load Heavy Furniture First

This includes the sofas and sectionals, bed frames, mattresses, etc. Don’t be rough just because it is heavy, but also don’t be afraid to flip things over such as your couches and lay them on top of each other.

Be a Good Host

Provide food and beverages for everyone that helps you move. No matter if they are being paid to help you move or not, be a good host and grateful for all of the helping hands.

We hope some of these tips become helpful for you! Happy Moving!


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