What to Know Before Buying a Twin Home

What’s the difference between a duplex and a twin home? Potential homebuyers often get confused by the varying terminology that is used so freely in the residential construction industry. If you are shopping for “new townhomes near me,” take a look at the distinctions between the two. You may find that a new twin home checks all your boxes!

Duplexes vs. Twin Homes

A duplex is a multi-family home that includes two units on one lot. It has one owner who is responsible for maintaining and renting out both sides of the property. Similarly, a twin home also has two units. However, each unit is classified as a single-family home because it is located on its own plot of land, rather than both halves sitting on one lot. The property line runs down the middle of the building and each property has its own lot description.

While duplexes and twin homes share a common wall, the owners of twin homes are each responsible to care for their own half of the property and have little say in what happens on the other side.

Advantages of Owning a Twin Home

Owning a twin home comes with distinct advantages. Often there are no homeowners association fees like one might have with condos or “new townhomes near me.” With no mandatory rules and regulations to follow, an owner is free to maintain their home and yard as they wish, without consulting the owner of the adjacent property. They can express their style by selecting siding, roofing and paint colors according to their taste and budget. They may decide to add a patio, porch or deck to the home. Landscaping is also controlled by the owner of each respective twin home. However, it is often in both owners’ best interest to invest in similar improvements to maintain a coordinated appearance that protects overall curb appeal and resale value.

One of the major draws of a twin home is the lower cost of ownership. A twin home will generally be priced lower than a single-family home in the same community due to its smaller footprint. Financing may be easier to obtain and the owner can expect to pay less property taxes and insurance. The amount of yard maintenance is reduced. It may even cost less to heat a twin home compared to a single-family home of similar size since one wall is shared. Combine these benefits with energy-saving appliances and other smart home features and a twin home stands out as a sensible, affordable housing choice.

Disadvantages of Twin Home Ownership

Depending on one’s lifestyle and goals, there are some possible disadvantages to owning a twin home. Because one wall is shared, noise from the other unit could be an issue. Contention can result from the neighboring owner’s choices related to home improvements and maintenance. If one yard is well-maintained and the other is not, it can cause bad feelings and possibly affect market value when the time comes to sell.

Typically, twin homes provide resale value below that of a single-family home. Be sure to browse the neighborhood and evaluate how owners are maintaining their properties. Pride in ownership should boost resale value. Conversely, if many owners are allowing their properties to decline in appearance, these properties may not be as appealing to potential buyers.

Enjoy the Best of Twin Home Living With Gateway

If you’re looking for a way to combat higher mortgage rates, purchasing a new Gateway twin home can allow you to stay within budget while still enjoying high-quality construction and modern features. We are currently building new cottage-style twin homes in Cheyenne’s Saddle Ridge community. You’ll find attractive, affordable residential construction in a family-friendly neighborhood that’s within a close drive to the city’s best amenities. To learn more about Gateway’s current homes for sale in Cheyenne, WY, call (307) 632-8950 or contact us online. Let’s start building your future today!

The Teton twin home by Gateway Construction offers three bedrooms and 2,170 square feet of space.

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