6 Reasons to Buy in Cheyenne’s New Subdivisions

The COVID-19 pandemic and a lack of existing homes on the market have had a significant impact on the home buying preferences of many Americans. According to a 2021 study released by the National Association of Home Builders, 60% of buyers indicated they would prefer to buy a newly built home over an existing home — the largest percentage since 2007.

Beyond health concerns and a frustratingly small inventory of existing houses to choose from, what’s behind the charm of building in a new subdivision? It turns out there are multiple benefits to enjoy if you invest in building a new house, as discussed below. We also have helpful information if you are searching for “new subdivisions near me” in Cheyenne where you can build a custom home.

Great Perks of Buying in a New Subdivision

  • If you buy a spec home, you can move right in. Many builders, including Gateway, will build new construction homes in a brand-new subdivision without a buyer in mind. Known as spec homes, these projects give the builder a chance to showcase their most popular floor plans and features, while providing the buyer with a home that can be occupied quickly — an important consideration if you are relocating for employment or need to move out of your existing home soon. When you purchase a new construction home, you don’t have to worry about renovations and repairs that could eat into your budget. Learn more about the advantages of buying a spec home.
  • All homes in the community are built to code. Homes in “new subdivisions near me” must meet the baseline code requirements of the City of Cheyenne. This means that an inspector from the city has approved the home’s foundation, structural framing and rough systems and components. Prior to occupancy, the building inspector and a third-party energy inspector perform final inspections that ensure all codes have been met.
  • You have the opportunity for customization. Depending on whether you build a home from scratch or the stage of construction that a spec home is in, you can choose the features included in the home. This allows you to give your home a personal touch with your preferred floor plan, fixtures and appliances, helping you realize the vision for your dream home.
  • Your home can include the latest technologies. New construction homes can be built with cutting-edge features that make life easier, safer and more affordable. Some of these include smart thermostats, high efficiency smart appliances, USB outlets, alarm systems and keyless door locks.
  • There are fewer maintenance demands. When building your own home, the chance of an appliance or HVAC unit failing is very minimal. Should a product have an issue, the cost of maintenance or repairs will be covered by the manufacturer warranty. If the issue is related to workmanship, the builder warranty will address it.
  • Everyone is new to the neighborhood. It can be harder to settle into an existing neighborhood, with residents who already know each other and may not welcome new faces. In a new subdivision, all homeowners move in at about the same time, which can inspire a greater sense of community connection.

Cheyenne’s Best ‘New Subdivisions Near Me’

Saddle Ridge

Are you dreaming of the perfect location to raise a family? Experience life at Saddle Ridge! Located in east Cheyenne, off U.S. Highway 30 and Whitney Road, Saddle Ridge provides convenient access to shopping, restaurants and the Cheyenne Greenway. You can enjoy nearby parks, walking paths and a neighborhood elementary school, with a second planned. This is the fastest-growing residential subdivision within the Cheyenne city limits.

Whitney Ranch

Located on the northwest section of Whitney Road and Dell Range Boulevard, Whitney Ranch is thoughtfully designed to maintain its beautiful, wide-open spaces while fostering a sense of community. A neighborhood playground has been provided for the kids, while all can take advantage of beautiful community walking paths. You also have the conveniences of the city within a stone’s throw of your front porch!


This sprawling 2,300-acre neighborhood in south Cheyenne is a sought-after destination at the top of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. With ample open space, connection to the Cheyenne Greenway and Wyoming’s largest community college across the street, Sweetgrass offers city conveniences with small-town sensibilities. This master-planned community includes a distinctive Village Center, with plans for retail, restaurants and more.

Whispering Hills

If you are longing for country life where there are no neighbors within a stone’s throw, you will love this rural community! Whispering Hills showcases the most beautiful rolling hills, with rock outcroppings and huge vistas as far as the eye can see. Property owners enjoy a quiet lifestyle on a five- to 10-acre ranch property coupled with the conveniences of a large city less than 15 minutes away.

Let’s Build Your Future Today

If you prefer moving into a new build over buying an existing home, reach out to Gateway Construction, LLC. Our sales team can introduce you to homes and lots available in “new subdivisions near me” across Cheyenne. With a variety of floor plans from which to choose, these friendly communities are a great place to call home! We also offer the option to build a custom home on your own acreage.

To get started, contact Gateway today at (307) 632-8950 or submit our online contact form to request more information. If you already have a community in mind, visit us at one of our model homes, open daily for your convenience. You can also follow us on your favorite social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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