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Are You a First-Time Homebuyer?

What was once a dream can now become your beautiful reality! Our mission at Gateway Construction, LLC is committed to “Building Your Future Today.”  We do this by integrating our strong core values with proven building practices, integrity, complete communication, value, and client satisfaction. We commit to meeting the ever changing needs of our clients with a staff of highly qualified and full service professionals.

Let’s Make Your Dreams Come True

Whether you are looking to build in one of our existing subdivision or have another site in mind, we are by your side to customize your vision from beginning to end by using Gateway Construction, LLC quality standards and system for building.

What You Can Expect From Us During Your Custom Build

  • Individual and attentive care and guidance.
  • Initial planning sessions to identify your specifications, determine your time frame and answer your questions.
  • Assess the site you have selected to ensure proper placement of your home and discuss possible unforeseen costs.
  • We will design a plan to match your inspiration and budget, or you can bring your own design.
  • You will meet with our designer to select the interior colors and options that make your home all about you.
  • Daily, hands-on commitment from our building team. Care and contact from our friendly Client Services team to assist you during construction, your warranty period and beyond.

The Home of Your Dreams

By Lisa Moore, Source One Properties, LLC

When you embark on the home-building process, your heart is filled with all the dreams in the world. It’s really easy to get caught up in the “I have to have____, so I’ll cut back somewhere else” game, even when you don’t actually know where that somewhere else is or if you can realistically cut back there.

  • Make a list of everything you want in your home. If you love it, jot it down. Have your spouse or partner do the same thing.
  • Once you have everything down, start sorting your wants by order of importance. What’s your No. 1? Do you need large windows? How about a finished basement? Double sinks in the master?
  • Come up with your top 10, and then compare your list to your partner’s top 10. What things appear on both lists? Those items should be more important because you both want them in your home.

Next, look at your list and consider:

  • The things that can’t be changed without a large investment. Things like square footage, window size, and number of bedrooms. These things should take priority in your home building decision.
  • Features that are purely cosmetic, especially things that can be changed at a later date, should be moved down the list of taken off entirely. Backsplash tile, paint color, and light fixtures can all be changed inexpensively after you are living in your home.

At this point, you should have a combined list of 10 or so items. My next tip is to figure out the combined priority of each one of the items. Ask yourself, would you be willing to give up item number 4, to have item number 5? Would you be willing to give up hardwood floors for a finished basement family room? This is the hardest question to answer, but it will put your must-haves in the right order.

Here is a quick checklist to use when building your new home. If you answer, “yes” to all of these, then a “want” may be worth the splurge – that is, if you can be sure that you will be able to afford the feature in terms of your monthly mortgage payments and living expenses.

  • Is it on both of your lists?
  • Is it something that will be extremely expensive and difficult to change or add?
  • Would you be willing to sacrifice something else to have it?
  • Would you feel like your house would be incomplete without it?

Using these tips should help simplify the process and help you get the things you really want.

Happy Home Building!


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