Designing a Dream Kitchen: 8 Things to Consider

At Gateway Construction, LLC, we know that a dream kitchen is high on most buyers’ lists when building a new house, and so we take great care in creating floor plans with spacious, inviting kitchens where families can enjoy spending time, whether cooking a meal, entertaining guests or just relaxing.

Kitchens without partition walls anchor our open-concept plans by allowing clear lines of sight to other parts of the home, so everyone can smell dinner cooking and no one is left out of the conversation. We also keep the kitchen work triangle in mind, ensuring the sink, refrigerator and stove form a triangular layout that makes performing routine tasks as efficient as possible. Plenty of windows adjacent to the kitchen keep it well-lit throughout the day.

However, when you are customizing a floor plan, the kitchen can quickly become the most expensive room in the home. Are you building a new house with Gateway? We can help you design the kitchen of your dreams within your budget. Here are features we’ll focus on during the design phase!

Putting Your Dream on Paper

The Layout

Think about the basics. How do you plan to utilize your kitchen? Will it be a fully equipped chef’s kitchen or a space designed for entertaining? Will you be serving large meals to family? As you imagine your kitchen, what are the design highlights? Gateway kitchens are professionally designed to be both functional and stylish, and large islands and peninsulas with seating are always an option. Take the time to narrow down your list of must-haves before settling on the layout.

The Color Palette

Color helps to set the mood of the space. Warm or moody, bold or earthy, your kitchen’s color palette will influence the design direction you take. Consider how you want the kitchen to feel and go from there! The internet offers a wealth of inspiration, so gather your favorite ideas and share them with your designer. Eventually, a color palette will emerge and we can help you make selections within this palette.

gray kitchen color palette


Your hard surfaces should coordinate with your color palette. Neutrals including white, beige, cream and gray offer endless possibilities. If you want something bolder, black and blue are trending again, as well as unique veined patterns. Gateway offers many quartz countertop options that mimic marble without the high cost and maintenance of natural stone.


A kitchen backsplash is the perfect spot to display some creativity! When building a new house, there are so many beautiful modern and classic backsplash options on the market today. If you want to opt for a neutral-colored backsplash, consider tile with a unique shape or an interesting pattern like honeycomb or herringbone. Just remember that if you choose a colorful backsplash, you should pair it with a more muted countertop — and vice versa.

tile kitchen backsplash in diagonal herringbone pattern


Did you know that every Gateway home includes a stainless steel appliance package? Stainless continues to be the preferred appliance finish because it gives any kitchen a clean and modern look. However, we’re also seeing black stainless and colored appliances increase in popularity! For a more luxurious look, add an overhead range hood.

stainless steel range hood


Review your internet picks — do you find a particular cabinet style popping up again and again? Many kitchens today feature visually simple cabinetry such as Shaker-style and flat-front slab cabinets. With Gateway, you can choose among many beautiful finishes for these cabinet styles, with numerous paint and stain options. Ask your designer to see samples of these finishes. In addition, many of our homeowners choose the soft-close cabinet option for no more slamming!

flat front slab kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Hardware

Once you’ve settled on a cabinet style, it’s time to select hardware — another prominent kitchen feature that must stand up to daily wear and tear. Do you prefer the look and feel of drawer pulls or knobs? There are benefits to both, as well as a difference in pricing between the two. Pulls offer a contemporary look with long lines that complement modern cabinetry, while knobs are a classic option. If you have a strict budget and can’t splurge on high-end hardware now, remember that it can always be updated in the future.

cabinet knobs


Lighting is said to be the jewelry of the home because, in addition to being functional, it makes a huge aesthetic impact. When chosen carefully, lighting can bring a room together by reinforcing style. Pendant lights are a popular choice among homeowners because in an open concept layout, they provide additional light over cooking and prep areas. Gateway can install any style of lights – just talk to your designer about your preferences!  

pendant lights in kitchen

Building a New House? Let’s Talk!

With attention paid to each of the above elements, you will have a kitchen worthy of Pinterest — a comfortable space for cooking, dining, entertaining and doing all the things you love. Ready to talk with our experts about your dream kitchen? Call our team at (307) 632-8950 or contact us online to get started on building a new house. You can also follow us on your favorite social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Let’s start building your future today!


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