Tips for Maintaining Your New Home

We at Gateway Construction know that the home building process can build some anxiety in a new home owner.  Once closing day comes around many new home owners think the last thing they must do is move in and that’s it. WRONG!

With a new home comes many responsibilities. After moving in maintaining your new home is very important. Here are a few tips to help you keep your brand-new home looking amazing for years to come.

Maintain Your Property’s Curb Appeal

We in Cheyenne know that winters are mostly colder than usual, and most summers are warmer than previous ones. This also means much needed snow melt and growth to your lawn and garden.

You do not want to be the only one in the neighborhood with bad curb appeal. Water your lawn to keep it alive and cut it when needed because you do not want your lawn looking like a safari jungle. Maintaining your flower garden means pulling any dead leaves and removing weeds that may have grown over the timeframe.

Hint: before the cold weather comes around, surround your flower beds with mulch and burlap to keep them warm.

Inspect Your New Home’s Exterior

Before the change of the next season always inspect the exterior of your home. This is very crucial right before the annoying winds and overwhelming amount of snow during the Wyoming winters hit your home. Check your gutters and surrounding trees or power lines. Put all items used during the summer away and pull out your shovels to remove any snow from your drive way and sidewalks.

Check the roof for any missing shingles and be sure to get a professional out to your home to fix the problem. Repair any exterior paint that may need attention. Clean all exterior windows and caulk if necessary. If weather stripping is needed be sure to apply the appropriate type.

Inspecting the exterior of your new home is important and helps ensure that any small problems do not turn into bigger issues in the future.

Commit to Regular Maintenance Checklist and Schedule

Creating maintenance checklist for the change of each season, month, or even week can help you keep your brand-new home up to date and organized. A seasonal checklist can include items for inspection on the exterior of your home as well as items to check on the inside of your home.

Some of these items may include, checking fire alarm and CO alarm batteries and running test. Cleaning the dryer vent to prevent from any lint catching on fire, or even changing all filters your appliances.

A monthly checklist might be a deep cleaning of your home. This can include cleaning out your closet or even deep cleaning your children’s room (especially under the bed. Who knows, you might find all the missing socks you have been looking for.)

A weekly checklist would include regular home maintenance. These can include cleaning the kitchen counters, vacuum the bedrooms, or mop the front entryway. This allows for you to always have a clean home throughout the week. You never know when an unexpected guest might decide to come visit.

Hint: Keep your home smelling fresh by purchasing wall plugins, wonderful smelling scent misters or keep candles lit.

Check for Energy Leaks and Repair

Have you witnessed a skyrocket in your energy bills especially during the summer and winter seasons? Make sure your always check your home for any energy leaks. It may not seem like a huge deal to you now, but small cracks in windows and doors and cause your HVAC unit to work harder than needed.

To create a more energy efficient home, be sure to repair all door and window leaks. Let’s keep your energy bills from ripping a hole in your pockets.

Let the Professionals Do the Work

Hire professionals to get the tough jobs done. When winter is in the air, it means its time to ensure that all gutters are free of leaves and debris. Do not attempt to get on the roof of your home if you do not have the appropriate equipment to do so.

Employ a professional to clean your gutters and to get up on the roof to inspect for any missing or loose shingles or tiles before the harsh winds and snow of Cheyenne winter hit.

Set Rules for the Behavior of Children and Pets

Maintaining a controlled atmosphere and environment in your new home is very important. Be sure that there are rules set for certain activities in your home. Coloring only occurs on paper and eating only takes place at the table. You do not want your child to color all over the walls or to spill that lovely red juice all over your perfectly stained free cream carpet.

Let’s face it, your pets are basically your children as well. Setting rules and training your pets is very important for maintaining a new home. Don’t let your pets destroy your new home! Make sure you housetrain your pet to inform you when they need to go outside by sitting by the door or tapping on the sliding door window. A housetrained pet means a clean carpet.

Always provide entertainment for your children and pets like movie and chewing bones or clawing poles. This helps to ensure that boredom does not occur spiking curiosity in children and pets – which is when damages are likely to happen.

Change Filters When Needed

Use your homeowner’s manual that Gateway Construction has prepared for you to see hoe often you should be replacing filters in your HVAC system and refrigerator. IF needed contact a professional to do the replacements for you.

Protect Your New Home from Fire Hazards

Batteries do not live forever. Be sure to always replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you can afford it, invest in a fire extinguisher and be sure to always check to make sure it works properly.

Enjoy Your New Gateway Home

We at Gateway Construction, LLC hope your new home brings you joy and happiness for many years to come.


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