Cheyenne’s Friendly Neighborhood Builder

Technology has given us a global economy and the ability to talk to someone in Switzerland with the click of a button. But in the process of becoming global citizens, have folks forgotten how to be neighborly? In a survey of adults under 50 years old, roughly 20% say they don’t know any of their neighbors, and 55% only know some neighbors.

Clearly, the neighborliness of communities like Cheyenne is a rare gift!

Being neighborly means shoveling their sidewalk while you’re out doing yours. It’s asking to borrow a cup of sugar and then taking over some of the cookies as a thank you. It’s a construction company owned and operated by locals who believe that building a home is about far more than just the structure.

What sets Gateway Construction apart is that our team is actually part of the communities in which we build. Most of our employees and contractors grew up in Cheyenne or the surrounding area. We frequently know our customers before they hire us, and when you’re building for people you consider neighbors, you do your best work.

“The homes we build define a family’s future and will hold a lifetime of memories,” says Jason Stephen, co-founder of Gateway Construction. “We exist to better the communities we build in.”

Houses We Would Want to Live In

The guiding star “we exist to better the communities we build in” is apparent in every aspect of our building and design process. We add safety features to our homes that aren’t required by building codes. Many construction companies don’t add them because of the added cost to the builder. We include these extra-neighborly investments in every home we build, because we care:

  • Radon mitigation
  • Perimeter drain with functional sump pumps
  • Deadbolts on all exterior swing doors
  • Kwikset Smartkey systems
  • Nest Learning Thermostats

We also offer additional options that some home builders don’t even think of, including but not limited to:

  • Security systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Accessibility options

We are proud of the additional safety features and our dedication to superior craftsmanship. Doing our best work is about more than friendliness. We want our home owners to feel safe and secure in their new homes. From high quality materials to superior design, from additional safety features to our carefully crafted process, we strive to build houses we’d want to live in.

Customer-Centric Process

Have you ever been walking up to your house when a neighbor stops by to ask how you’re doing? Have you heard in their voice that they genuinely care about your answer? Sometimes that little injection of outreach and kind human interaction can change the course of your day.

That’s much the way our customers describe the experience of working with us. Not only is our team friendly and interested, they are attentive and thorough. We ask questions and genuinely care about our clients’ answers. From the beginning of the process to the final home walk-through, our clients’ needs are first and foremost.

The Design-Build Difference

There are a few approaches new build construction companies can take, and we chose the one that gives the best value for our clients. Some companies build homes with only minimal input from the buyers. Other companies only do totally custom builds, which drives up the cost significantly and cuts out a majority of the prospective homeowners. 

Gateway exists right in the sweet spot of providing the most value without the enormous price tag. We are what’s called a design build firm. This means we are able to work with buyers to provide a more customized home without the custom price. Our team, including in-house design experts, is here to guide buyers as much or as little as they choose throughout the process of 

  • Picking a floor plan
  • Determining floor plan modifications
  • Selecting interior and exterior home finishes
  • Choosing the locations of your home’s phone, cable wifi and other optional technology, entertainment and security devices   
  • and more!

On the Horizon

Gateway is proud to be part of the Southeast Wyoming and Northern Colorado communities. In 2021 and beyond, we plan to continue to grow our operations by building more homes in the subdivisions we are currently in and expanding into additional ones. We also have several multifamily projects on the horizon as well as a couple of new developments we hope to begin work on this summer.

We look forward to continuing to make our customer’s dreams come true this year. Now we want to know, in 2021, won’t you be our neighbor?


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